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Drivs Av: Gamesys Group. Licens: Gibraltar = Skattafria vinster. Site: www.jackpotjoy.se. Företaget som står bakom sajten (Gamesys Group) är licensierat och.

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Drivs Av: Gamesys Group. Licens: Gibraltar = Skattafria vinster. Site: www.jackpotjoy.se. Företaget som står bakom sajten (Gamesys Group) är licensierat och.
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The Sun-bingos omdömen | Kundernas omdömen om The Sun-bingo | the-sun-bingo.bitcoinallincasino.top

The Sun-bingos omdömen | Kundernas omdömen om The Sun-bingo | the-sun-bingo.bitcoinallincasino.top

Såvitt vi vet bjuder The Sun-bingo in sina kunder till att lämna omdömen på Trustpilot om sina upplevelser.
Såvitt vi vet bjuder företaget inte in sina kunder till att lämna omdömen på Trustpilot.
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Klicka på stjärnorna för att betygsätta 1 stjärna: Mycket dålig - en oacceptabel upplevelse, orimligt och oförskämt beteende.
Now in this day of instant electronic transfer there is simply no valid excuse they can give for this except to stall you from getting any money and hope you gamble it away.
Customer service based in Newcastle.
Since it changed over to Playtech platform I am unable to log back into my account.
Live chat help is non existent, why they advertise it as a way of getting in touch beggars belief!
THEN they cut you off in mid sentence when you phone them up.
Left hand does not know what the right hand is doing!
My partner was given a 50 bonus won 2269 and when it came to withdrawing it.
It said that he couldn't cos he still had a game open he had to go back and finish playing and shut the game down.
Baring In mind he played around 12 games and it's not telling him which one It is so he goes back into them all numerous times and lost a lot of money and still couldn't withdraw.
Live Chat reported it to I.
It was his fault he should have reported it.
Reported a broken game that works perfectly fine when u go in it???
Anyway he had lost all money because they had to reverse the games.
VIP were meant to help him and all he got was fobbed off.
I rang 10 times No apology nothing.
He was a high VIP customer and so was i safe to say we r not anymore.
I do not trust the site and I don't want to put my money in it anymore!!!
They tried to blame us when it was them so they didn't have to refund the money back!!
T would be sacked if I replied to a long serving customer or new customer like I was tonight.
After approx 4 mins I typed Hello, again mins later he finally replied stating terms and conditions, still no explanation or apology.
Another reply from him I found quite sarcastic and arrogant.
You really must listen to all of our reviews, I can relate to them all.
This is an outrageous site I filled in my app and the name it asked for the security answer they have put that as my surname I have notified them and they asked me for proof of name I sent numerous amounts of id including photo I.
I am taking this further as this is disgusting no phone number neither for identification team its gamesys bingo sites erbjuder only this seems a dodgy site I think fraud comes to mind.
I am still not able to get to the home page to log in.
I just get a frozen screen.
Going by other reviews though, the new site is awful compared to the previous site we all enjoyed visiting.
Therefore, they've lost another customer.
I'll stick to Jack Pot Joy, although pay outs on there is getting bad too!
Won't let me log in anymore since changing,live chat is a waste of time they don't respond.
Been 3 weeks if this is how u run a buisness u can keep it, not polite.
Spend my money else were.
WHAT A JOKE, they send me email to say they have put money in my account.
So emailed them asking why when i can not log on.
They replied with Your account may be linked to another gambling account within our group.
I played occassionally on Sun Bingo when it was Gamesys gamesys bingo sites stopped as the payouts were rubbish.
Sadly those days seem amazing to the tripe now.
Got an email about the change over and invited to play, originally was frozen out when I tried to log in.
Why invite people gamesys bingo sites play when their accounts dont work?
Anyway not to worry, a call to CS sorted it.
I was given a complimentary £5 bonus to make up for the inconvenience.
Its an absolute fiasco of a site.
No one in chat has a clue whats going on, where their money is and what they can use it on as the bonus system is a sham.
I'll be surprised if they have any customers left by the end of the month.
Gamesys must be wetting themselves laughing as this mob are actually making gamesys look fair and good.
Same as lots of others since virtue fusion took over!
Been a member for many years too!
Oh well goodbye sun bingo ur gonna lose lots of customers i reckon!
Now changed over to virtue fusion my account was fine deposited daily and now there seems to be a problem!
My account is frozen has been for 3days support emailed saying I'm banned due to parameters in their terms no idea what this means, sounds like a shambles excuse to ban me.
Then live help after hours of waiting tell me the change over triggered me to be banned as I have a linked account across the group which is untrue!
Need shutting down hope every one that can actually login leaves there pathetic new rubbish site ps worst customer service EVER I have been a member of sunbingo for 9 yearsthey were bought over by Virtue Fusion bingo on the 23rd aug 2018 I was playing in sunbingo right up to 30 mins before change over gamesys bingo sites to log on 24th aug and my account had been frozen by Virtue Fusion bingo, because Gamesys bingo sites closed an account on luckypants bingo run by I Virtue Fusion bingo site find it disgustingalthough I should have moved on like many of the other sunbingo members as I am sure Virtue Fusion bingo will ruin the site by themselves, what I found really strange they allowed me to join one of there other sites gamesys bingo sites was accepted although wouldn't deposit on the site as I dont like Virtue Fusion bingo at all maybe a good thing more money in my pocket I am sure sunbingo will go like most of Virtue Fusion bingo sites and have less than 20 customers on sites, I will look forward to reviews which will be poorer than the sunbingo original reviews If it were possible I'd rate zero-really bad slot payout and poor bonuses something not right with this site and should be investigated.
You see the same names all day as winners.
I haven't won a penny in over 2 years.
I wouldn't waste your money.
I most certainly won't be playing again.
Same winners constantly winning two lines and full houses day in and day out.
Over 90 quid spent and not even close to a win.
Slots are an absolute joke.
Please dont waste ur time on this site.



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